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Ponte do Porco is placed in a beautiful place in the river mouth of the river Lambre, which it forms in this place laugh with a few sandy shores that form the beach Alameda.


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Ponte do Porco belong to Miño's council, in  concrete to Miño's parish. Dresses airIt is possible to come for the N - VI circulating along the section A Coruña - Ferrol, or across the section of the Highway A-9 that also joins these two cities.


If we approach for the Highway we will have to leave her in the exit of Miño's Big Beach, and there take the N - VI towards A Coruña.


Besides its communication by road, this beautiful place has communication across the railroad, being the most appropriate stop that of Miño.


The council

Miño is a coastal municipality placed in  the tidal inlet of Betanzos, in called " Golfo Ártabro", which shows from the year 2000 the denomination of " Tourist Municipality", granted by the "Council of Culture, Social Communication and Tourism" of the " Autonomous government of Galicia". It borders in the northern part on Pontedeume's municipality, in the eastern part on that of Vilarmaior and in the southern part on those of Paderne and Irixoa.


Its privileged situation they turn it into one of the more important centers of summer vacation of the Northern coast of Galicia.


It has an extension of 35 square Km, where there resides a population of 5000 inhabitants distributed in eight parishes who shape it: Bemantes, Callobre, Carantoña, Leiro, Castro, Miño, Perbes and Vilanova.


Its situation places Miño closely together of important places of the province of the Coruña, in such a way that Coruña and Ferrol still have them to 20 minutes, Betanzos, Pontedeume and Sada scantily to 10 minutes and Santiago de Compostela to 45 minutes.


Our visitors

Some prominent figures with great importance in the history stopped in Ponte do Porco. In concrete John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams, second and sixth presidents of the United States of America had lunch in the inn that was nearby to the former one put of Ponte do Porco, on December 15, 1779 when they were going from Ferrol to A Coruña.


Ponte do Porco - Miño. 81 x 110 cm oil/torch. ABELENDA ZAPATA, MANUEL - Perillo, A Coruña 1889 - 1957. Collection Caixanova

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