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This one is our vision of Roxín Roxal's legend and of course the legend of Ponte do Porco.


Don Nuno Freire de Andrade, the third master of Pontedeume, had a beautiful and anxious so called daughter Teresa. He had also to his service the high, thin mild one and good formed of body, satisfied, blond and smiling to which they were calling Roxin Ronxal. In so good esteem it don Nuno had that certain time gave him hi dagger of silver.

- defends with it your countess

- This way I will do it


Don Nuno Pérez de Andrade


More the destination wanted that between Teresa and the mild one it was born, as unintentionally an impossible love. Don Nuno, on having known it lost the reason:

- Or you marry with Henrique Osorio, noble as you, or Roxin Roxal will lose the life .

Teresa married don Henrique, and Roxin Roxal was passing the day and the night I show restraint for the melancholy. An autumn late afternoon don Nuno surprised it looking languidly for the closed window of the wedding camera of the forced couple.

- Go of my lands Roxin Roxal.

Don Henrique did not know that to do to earn the admiration of his wife.The head in the bridge placed in Ponte do Porco One day, against what it was a custom, invited her to attend the hunt of a wild boar that was spoiling the crops of the peasants of the region. The item came up to the shore of the river Lambre. There the wild boar appeared. It threatens, shows the teeth to the hunters. Henrique Osorio takes the arch and appears, the arrow flies, to the wild boar in a side. It does not kill it; but it makes him boil the blood. The beast was rushing on dona Teresa and it hurts her of death. Don Henrique, the coward, flees  throwing itself of the bridge down, while the wild boar it destroys his wife.


The tragedy was told in the whole region. There had nobody who did not know of the hardness of heart of the father, of the cowardice of the son-in-law, of the infinite love of the mild one. And of there to a few days, of tomorrow, a black bundle appeared in the middle of the bridge. Many people approached. It was the wild boar, dead man. In the stained with blood neck there was fixed up to the hilt the dagger of silver that don Nuno had given, that day, to Roxin Roxal. Since then that place is known by the name name of PONTE DO PORCO.


Bridge on the Lambre River



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