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The principal celebrations that are organized in our village take place in summer. There are three important dates in the calendar:

  • On June 23. The night of San Juan.
  • On July 25. Santiago Apostle. Fiestas of the saint of the village.
  • August. Celebration of the Anniversary of the Association..


Santiago Apostle

The parties of Ponte do Porco are celebrated in honor to the Apostle Santiago. The dates of the same ones can varir still that the celebrations coincide with the day the boss, On July 25.

The parties

The parties

In this celebration always we have a great popular sardiñada, games for the children and in the night popular dances. Neither lacks the mass in honor the boss who always celebrates the one and average of the evening in the beach Alameda.

The parties


In the night of San Juan

In the night of San Juan, as in many parts of Galicia, it is traditional to ignite a great bonfire at 12 p.m. to give the welcome to the summer. The night more felling of the year is the night of the excellent fire.

The parties


The pilgrimage

Another celebration, traditional from the foundation of this Association it is the pilgrimage or celebration of the anniversary of the same one, which is celebrated in August and joins all the associates, relatives and friends in one day in the one that eats up and dances from the midday up to the dusk.

The parties

Magazine of Santiago Apostle 2009

Magazine of the parties


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