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PorKoRocK Festival

The PorKoRocK Festival initiates its gait on July 24, 2009 with its first edition, and the promoters want with this idea to attract to the parties of Ponte do Porco to the youngest people of the region.

Though its first edition was celebrated in 2009, already in 2008 one tried to celebrate a concert but the difficulties to obtain funding it did not make possible.

The cartel of its first edition included four formations, Álvaro Muras of Coruña, Los chupetes of Miño, Manolito y lacón-fussión of Betanzos and finally the vallisoletanos of Fuera de Control.

Chupetes Fuera de Control Álvaro Muras Manolito y lacón-fussión


II Festival PorKoRocK PDF Print E-mail

The  II Festival PorKoRocK is in march and already we have the cartel for this year. First we want to give them thanks to all the groups that offered to take part in our Festival, since many of them will not be able to take part for the duration of the same one. We wait to possess them for the following year.

This year we will have to 6 groups of rock in our beach with TRASHNOS as head of cartel. If you want to see the complete cartel you have it  here, though the graphical design will change a bit with regard to this one.


Sign to the IInd Festival PorKoRocK PDF Print E-mail

If you have a group of music pop or rock and are interested in taking part in the IInd Festival PorKoRocK put in touch with us across the following form.

Sign and us send your myspace to listen to yourself


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Some photos of the festival PDF Print E-mail

Fotos festival Better late than never. Here we leave some photos of the " First Festival PorKoRocK ".

The photos are not of great quality for several motives, because the photographer was not very good and because the camera was of great quality either..

We hope that in the future we could do better photos of these events.

And that this one is not firstly and last festival of rock that we celebrate in Ponte do Porco..

1º Festival PorKoRocK PDF Print E-mail


Next July 24, in the area of our holidays we will celebrate the First Festival PorKoRocK in Ponte do Porco.

For it we bring to three groups of music pop-rock that they come from several points of the national territory.


From Coruña we bring Álvaro Muras.

From Betanzos  Manolito y lacón-fussión.

From Miño we have Los chupetes.

And to finish, from Valladolid we bring Fuera de Control.


We possess all of you this night in the beach of Ponte do Porco. And do not forget to tell this great event to all your friends and acquaintances since we want to fill the beach of people.


¡¡We wait for you!!

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