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GDRThis week we have presented the request of adhesion as associates to the Group of rural development of the Region of the Mariñas (GDR 29).

The request of adhesion will be accepted by all probability in the next general assembly of the GDR since we fulfill all the necessary requirements to be accepted.

A GDR is an association constituted by the public institutions and the entities deprived of the areas economically, socially, culturally, local and environmental with implantation in the corresponding zone and that decide to interfere in the development of its territory.

Every GDR designs and executes the program LEADER in its territory. The program LEADER is the European program for the rural development that will be executed in the period 2008-13.

The GDR-29 includes the councils of Abegondo, Aranga, Arteixo, Bergondo, Betanzos, Cambre, Carral, Caesuras, Coirós, Culleredo, Irixoa, Miño, Oleiros, Oza two Rivers, Paderne and Sada.


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